I have worked as an MMO/PAM Operator for four years, and have worked almost exclusively for Hydenlyne for the last two years. This has consisted of 5 offshore trips, ranging from 4 – 8 weeks in duration, as both MMO and PAM Operator. I have always found Hydenlyne to maintain a professional and friendly approach when discussing potential projects, and whilst offshore. When possible, the company has been upfront about providing information about upcoming projects, and payment has always been prompt.

Hydenlyne have also assisted with my professional development by providing access to a training course. I am happy with Hydenlyne as an agency, and hope to continue working with them in the future. – MMO Consultant

I have been work as an MMO for 18 years and have been an MMO contractor with Hydenlyne/SVL for 2 years now. The level of service they have provided as one of their contractors is excellent.Emma Forrester is professional, efficient and very reliable. Hydenlyne/SVL clearly work closely together as a team and the level of care, help and commutation I have received from all of them has been outstanding. – MMO Consultant

Although I do not have significant MMO/seismic experience, what I can comment on is my experience of Hydenlyne in comparison to the other agencies when I started enquiring about work as a new MMO. Some agencies do not even have the courtesy to respond to email queries from new contractors.

I’d say that there are 3 MMO agencies that are responsive to new queries and Hydenlyne is right up there as one of those agencies.
What I have also appreciated is the liaison with Emma Forrester. As a new contractor Emma was one of the few to respond, asked me to transfer my CV into Hydenlyne’s template and then gave me frank and very helpful feedback. Only two other agencies did this, others didn’t and one agency has never replied to emails that I have sent to their MMO representative.

Emma’s responses are timely, personable and professional. I can also say that in my short time working as an MMO, 5 colleagues have echoed similar opinions of Emma – she gets back to you quickly and deals with the matter in hand.

In relation to invoicing I thought it was nice that on the two occasions I have submitted invoices, Claire Campbell has responded with ‘thank you for all your efforts’. That sort of email goes a long way with me and shows that Hydenlyne appreciate the job that you are doing out in the field.

In short, a very personable and professional agency, maybe not the biggest and the highest payers but it makes up for that in other ways. – MMO Consultant

I have worked in the seismic industry over 10 years as a MMO/PAM operator. Over those 10 years I have worked through several consulting firms. Recently, I was contracted to work through Hydenlyne on a project off the coast of Colombia, SA. This was my first time working with/for Hydenlyne and I am very pleased with their professional approach toward our department.
It started with getting documents to me in a very orderly and precise manner, letting me know what was needed of me and by what date, getting my travel arrangements to me so that I was not under any urgency.

Upon starting my travel, I was immediately met with delays due to the airline and some maintenance issues so I contacted the office (Emma) to inform her that there was a strong possibility I would not make my connecting flight in Mexico City, that I had a new phone with a new carrier that did not have international coverage so I would not be able to contact them once I left the States. I am not sure if Emma contacted the travel agent, the airline or both but upon arriving at the gate, my name was called, I was put into a wheel chair and rushed from one terminal to the next terminal needed, expedited through security check points and was the last person to walk onto the plane before taking off from Mexico City. I was very grateful for this because it was my first experience landing in Mexico City and there is no way I would have made it without the aid of the gentleman rushing me via the wheel chair who by the way was older than me and I felt sorry for him because he was very winded at the end of the ordeal so I gave him a $20 for his furious effort!

Upon arriving to the boat, everything started out great but one incident on the boat with another MMO led to a deteriorating situation that required Hydenlyne (primarily Emma) to be involved with. Emma showed and maintained a wonderful professional manner all across the board. I can not thank Emma enough for her support in this issue that took place. She was professional from the beginning to the end and I can’t say for sure how certain other consulting firms would have treated us or the situation the same as Hydenlyne and Emma did. I would hope that the industry (client and seismic alike) would see that the consulting firm responded, aided and assisted not only the MMOs on board but the client and the seismic department as well in every manner that was needed.

I know Claire (over the invoicing) was quick in her response to my first invoice which is always appreciated. I know from past experiences with other consulting firms this is not always the case. – MMO Consultant

I have been working exclusively for Hydenlyne as an MMO for the last year. I have worked in three projects (one with a double shift). Our collaboration was excellent, the communication was very good.
That’s all I have to comment, everything is perfect!
Looking forward to work for you again in the near future (and I hope it will be near)! – MMO Consultant

Well, I can say that I am very lucky! On my first international contract, I worked for Hydenlyne and it couldn’t be better! The company filled out all my expectations!
I had an amazing support from the manager at the office, the contacts and e-mails were always replyied on time, and the most important… From the first moment until the end of my contract,the company showed confidence on my job, which helped me to consummate an amazing job, generating great results!
I am glad to be part of the Hydenlyne MMO team! – MMO Consultant

I have worked in this field since 2006 and I started my working relationship with Mr. Neil Taylor from 2009 until today.

Teamwork: Always helpful and supportive. Hydenlyne & SVL do share crucial information with us when it is needed and supports the team (verbally and in actions).

Job Knowledge: Hydenlyne & SVL’s have a comprehensive understanding of the technical requirements of all phases of our position and how it fits into the overall organizational structure.

Cooperation: Hydenlyne & SVL have shown a positive understanding about the different stresses that are part of MMOs/PAM jobs and how it is affect our personal and professional lives. The proper breaks between the rotations are essential for good performance on board and Hydenlyne & SVL assure that happens as much as possible.

Planning & Organization: Usually Hydenlyne & SVL show a good ability to anticipate workload and schedule established rotations in an efficient and timely manner. This ability to prioritize and coordinate with all members of the MMO/PAM team work is a necessity and has been managed effectively.

– MMO Consultant

I am a Portuguese marine biologist with over 10 years of experience working offshore and about four years working as marine mammal observer in seismic surveys. I have collaborated with Hydenlyne in only one project , around 60 days, and has been a pleasure working with them. Communication has been very efficient, with the project coordinator Emma. Payment is on time with very good communication.
Keep doing the good work!! Great company team. Many thanks, been very efficient, with the project coordinator Emma. Payment is on time with very good communication with the finance department. – MMO Consultant

I’ve been working as MMO for 6 years now.
I have cooperated with several agencies (including Hydenlyne), worked as lead, team member and individual observer on 11 different projects and with 7 different contractors (2D, 3D, 4D and Shelf Pipeline Route surveys).

I worked for Hydenlyne twice.

My experiences with this agency were very good.
Especially contact with Emma Forester, Maria Smithies and Claire Campbell was very professional and I must say that I was very pleased with it.
Arranging flights, and travel was very smooth as well as transferring payment.
During my stay on board, when working for Hydenlyne, I received a lot of support, and I knew I can always count for help in case of any problems.
Cooperation was well organized. – MMO Consultant

I started working for Sintervalue Limited (SVL) 2.5 years ago when (Hydenlyne), requested that I work in Africa on a geotechnical survey. During my first project with them in Angola, my main communication was with (Hydenlyne) and at that time the project manager, Maria Smithies. The amount of professional expertise and personable emails did not go unnoticed. As I travel around the world, I stop by England and visit with the agencies that I am working with. I had the opportunity to meet up with Maria during my visit to Bournemouth, England – they both were kind-hearted and fun personnel to hang out with for the day. Soon as I began getting hired for more contracts with them, I found myself working as a lead MMO and/or PAM operator in continents such as Europe, South America, and Africa.

Currently I still work with SVL and their sister company Hydenlyne, and my opinion of them has not changed. There are only a handful of companies that hire Marine Mammal Scientists and exceed my expectations on how to properly maintain a healthy working professional and personal relationship. I can reassure you that SVL and Hydenlyne are good examples of this. Recently I had the chance to meet the Director of both agencies, Neil Taylor, and it quickly became evident where the SVL and Hydenlyne team get their professional and motivating attitudes. The newer project manager, Emma Forrester, has also been a great addition to both agencies, and a genuinely sweet individual to communicate with.

Without further hesitation, I recommend SVL and Hydenlyne as one of my favorite companies to work with. I have been a Marine Mammal Scientist for 7.5 years and have worked for several agencies throughout the year. I am always keen to work for SVL and Hydenlyne and I most certainly would recommend them to the Oil & Gas Industry clients that I work alongside with. – MMO Consultant