About Us

The Hydenlyne team has global experience in all environments, techniques and survey types, including 2D, 3D, 4D, OBC, OBN and VSP and we pride ourselves on sourcing and placing the best professionals’ specific for every job. Our service is always finely tuned to our clients’ exact requirements. We have a core group of highly experienced, skilled personnel that we trust to do the best job possible. Where possible Hydenlyne will provide individuals local to a survey area, reducing visa and mobilisation costs as well as providing individuals with prior knowledge of the environment they are working in.

Our expertise include:

Land and Marine Seismic QC

  • Seismic and survey acquisition and processing QC personnel
  • Project management
  • Survey and geodetic field supervisor
  • Technical audits
  • HSE Advisors and Auditors
  • Wellsite geologists
  • Drilling supervisors and superintendents

Environmental Consultants

  • Marine Mammal Observers
  • Passive Acoustic Monitoring
  • Passive Acoustic Monitoring Systems
  • Fisheries Liaison Officers
  • Environmental impact assessments and source modelling

Hydenlyne was established in 2007 by Neil Taylor, a Geoscientist with nearly 30 years’ experience, having worked for PGS, Fugro/CGG and ION/GX Technology. Now the team has grown to include dedicated personnel with a passion for their work and an understanding of the industry.

Primary contacts

If you would like to know more about us or would like to contact a member of our team, please use our contact page.